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Private Property Tow Off's

Private Property Impounds


Do you own a private parking lot and have problems with abandoned or disabled vehicles, for sale vehicles, fire lane violations or cars parking in spots to which they are not assigned ?


For over 25 years we have been providing exceptional tow service for multi-housing, residential, commercial and Housing Communities. Through experience, we have developed the tools necessary to meet and exceed your individualized needs and expectations. We pride ourselves in our professionalism and ability to deliver great customer service. We are more than just an impound company…we are part of your team.



Become a Vehicle Inspection Program (V.I.P.) member. Let our trained V.I.P. representatives inspect your private property (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly…it’s your choice) for abandoned, disabled or unregistered vehicles. We tag the vehicle and provide you with the essential information, enabling you to determine when to tow. Up-to-date information provided on all vehicles towed off your property, including digital photos.  We provide and install proper signage, in accordance with city, state and local laws.  All this at no cost to you!


Contact Impact Tow (816) 254-4650 for more information and pricing.

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