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About Impact Tow...

Leaders In the Industry
Impact Tow has been a leader in safety and vehicle Operations and towing industry since 1994. We provide a variety of towing and transport services including but not limited to the following: passenger vehicle towing, commercial towing, commercial transport, emergency recovery, accident towing and heavy duty towing and transport. We also have the ability to handle long-haul transport on an as needed basis. Big or small, we move it all.
Our Fleet
Our state-of-the-art towing new trucks presently contains diverse ​pieces of specialized towing equipment. This allows us to service small and large customers with the same amount of care. We currently operate a storage facility strategically located in independence. Our dispatch office is manned 24/7, meaning you will never receive an answering machine when you call for service. 


We are actively seeking “Customers for Life”. Please call us to experience the difference.​​




We Value You!
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