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Police Odered Tows​​


What do I do if my car was towed by a law enforcement agency?


   1.  Contact Impact Tow company to determine which lot they have stored your vehicle.

         a. Request charges and a Required Schedualed Appointment for Auto Release.

         b. Determine if your car has a 30 day hold attached to it. (If yes, see 30 day hold below)

   2.   You will need the following documentation:

         Government Photo ID, Title, or registration.


If a person other than the registered owner is retrieving the vehicle, that person will need the following:

        1. An official government photo ID and/or a valid driver’s license.

        2. A signed and notarized statement from the registered owner granting permission for the name individual to retrieve the vehicle.

        3. A photo copy of the registered owner’s official government photo ID.

        4. Payment by one of the excepted methods of payment. See Payment Options below.

        5.  It is important that you bring all necessary equipment to haul your vehicle away if it’s not drivable. You will not be permitted to bring tools with you and work on the vehicle at the tow yard for liability reasons.


What do I do if the law enforcement agency has placed a 30 day hold on the car.


   1. Contact the governmental agency responsible for the tow to request information on their hearing procedures.  You will be required to pay an administration/hearing fee to the governmental agency who requested the tow.

   2. If you receive a vcehicle release form from the post-storage hearing officer, contact the tow company to determine the following:

            1. Which lot your vehicle is currently stored.

            2. The total amount due.

            3. What documentation is required for pick up of the vehicle.

            4. Hours of operation for the facility.

   3. You will receive a detailed invoice showing a complete break down of the charges.


What if my car was towed at the request of a governmental agency because it was considered abandoned?


   1. If you do not claim your vehicle immediately, the tow company is required by state statute to apply for an abandoned title.  

   2. When you claim your vehicle, you will be responsible for paying all towing, storage and abandoned filing charges (if applicable) associated with the tow.  These fees must be paid prior to the release of your vehicle.


Payment Option


We accept Cash Only. Money orders, cash advance checks, 3rd party checks, etc…. are not acceptable forms of payment.


Release of the vehicle is predicated on payment and providing the appropriate identification and proof of ownership.


Fee Schedule


Each law enforcement towing contract has different a fee schedule.  These fees are not negotiable and are required to be paid prior to the release of your vehicle.  This is not our policy – it is the law.  If you have questions as to the fee schedule, ask the customer service representative for additional information.​


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